Hello, and welcome. My name is Nathan Gunter. Sometimes, people call me Nate. Here's a short version of my résumé, if you want to take a look.

I'm a writer, editor, and poet who lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I'm the sixth generation of people in my family to call this land home, going back to before it was called Oklahoma and was known as Indian Territory. Some of my ancestors hung around with Belle Starr in a place called Younger's Bend. 

I grew up on the prairies outside of Weatherford, in Custer County, Oklahoma. When I was born, I had a family that loved me and that has not ceased to do so for thirty-seven years. I was a nerdy, bookish, awkward, outcast kid who grew up to be a nerdy, bookish, awkward, outcast adult.   

I went to college on the East Coast, where I overeducated myself into unemployability by getting a degree in religion and a minor in philosophy, studying abroad in Ireland and Italy, and learning how to perform poetry from Maya Angelou. I then returned home to study something semi-useful, which is how I became a journalist and an editor.

I have a husband who loves me well and an anxiety disorder that does not. We have a dog who is sweet but dumb and a cast of characters around us who remind us what's important in this life. I'm enthusiastic, energetic, and often annoying. I love running, country music, poetry, crossword puzzles, and long drives by myself or with good people in the car. My heroes are Bill Watterson and Rich Mullins. I have a need to be in nature and hope, one day, to live again in a small town. I'd love to get to know you, but I'm a big introvert, so let's take it easy.