Death Vodka Japan Happy Fun Time Snow Window Wish Picture

More playing with Hipstamatic. I found this skull-shaped shooter bottle of vodka not long before Halloween one year and displayed it for a long time alongside the painted skull by Amanda Bradway in my living room, but this past Halloween, with a boatload of kids running around my house (the one night a year that ever gets to happen), I decided to put it in the office and out of reach. When cleaning on Sunday, I thought it’d look cool in my windowsill on top of a stack of University of Oklahoma Post-It notes. Because apparently I’m a college sophomore.


Stegosaurus 2

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff I brought over from my mom’s house before she moved. I spent most of my day yesterday moving things around in and cleaning my home office; this guy didn’t survive the purge and now sits in my trash bin. Tomorrow morning he’ll be gone forever. But because I’m a sap, I wanted to take a photo of him before sending him on his way. I like how it turned out. I’ve been playing with Hipstamatic again after a long hiatus. I forgot how much fun that app is to shoot with.

Blue World

Blue World

Pretty sure I took this at Crate & Barrel in Dallas. Metadata tells me it was October 2013, which was the last time I went to OU-Texas. I’m sure I just held some blue glass piece of consumer pap up to my iPhone, but I was surfing through my Flickr feed, saw this, and went, “Huh.”

Yearning for Warmth


God dammit, I am ready for summer. I didn’t get to shed my top and doors last year at all; this year I’m thinking of buying a cloth top to keep on all spring and summer long. I’m now thinking of road trips I can do sans top and doors… somewhere in Colorado, maybe? Great, except it reliably rains every afternoon there in the spring. Palo Duro Canyon? Dying to see it. Back to Santa Fe? I bet it’s crazy crowded there in the summer. Austin? New Orleans? How about this:

Let's Take a Road Trip!

That gets me to six (Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa) of the sixteen states I have yet to visit, a road trip through the Midwest. How much fun would that be in the summer, with the tops off—going all Kerouac through food festivals, diners, small towns, fruit stands, state parks, roadside picnics? OR THIS:

Let's Take a Road Trip Part 2!

A tour of the northwest, hitting five (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon) of my sixteen as-yet unvisited states. Not to mention: Mountains. Grand Tetons. Yellowstone. The Palouse. Lots of chances to off-road. Google Maps wouldn’t let me put this many destinations in, but it’d be cool to take U.S. Highway 101 all the way down the Pacific Coast to Southern California, then come back by way of Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Amarillo. My dad is dying to do this:


I’d love nothing more than to drive to Alaska. One year, I even ordered a guide as to how to do it. But I’d want to take a good six weeks in the summer to do this drive right, and barring a lottery win or a seven-figure publishing deal, I don’t see it happening. It’d make for a hell of a book pitch, though. In the meantime, this one will do nicely:

OKC to Bartlesville

A drive up to one of my favorite Oklahoma towns, no tops, no doors, and a night at the Price Tower:


The windows in the room open, there’s a fantastic bar on the top floor, and it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

I can’t wait for warmer weather.

Lake Altus-Lugert

DSC01203I took this shot of Lake Altus-Lugert in southwestern Oklahoma more than a year ago. Lake levels there were and are among the lowest in the state right now, as the area has been under a severe drought for quite some time. This particular evening, the water and wind were still, leaving a glassy mirror staring back up at the sky. This little Quartz Mountain precipice is one of my quiet places, the places my mind goes when I need to calm down, breathe, gain perspective, regroup.