Viewfinder: In the Clouds


The cloud-covered peak in the background of this photo is Mount Waialeale, one of the highest points on Kauai and one of the wettest places on Earth. It's nearly always shrouded in clouds, and you can see it from nearly everywhere on Kauai.

Viewfinder: Yurtle


Shipwreck's Beach in Kauai is known for, among other things, being a good place to see sea turtles, and on our first morning in Hawai'i, we hiked up to the cliff and spotted this one treading water just below us. I found out later that spot, atop the cliff, is an excellent dive, but I never got to do it, much to my dismay. 

Viewfinder: SexyFront


I found this photograph of myself when looking through all the images we shot in Kauai. Normally, I wouldn't post photos I didn't take in the Viewfinder category (Brian took this one), but sexy is sexy, amirite?

Viewfinder: Sloth


To celebrate her birthday, my friend and coworker Karlie brought a sort of traveling zoo to her home. This capture of Karlie with a sloth is why you, as a photographer, should resist the urge to tell people to smile or pose. Wait for them to do it on their own; the results are so much better.