Weekly Reader

Weekly Reader: November 13, 2017

Help Name a Kuiper Belt Object!

My vote is for "Ziggy Stardust." Or "Mitch." 

Scientists knew that New Horizons would keep going past Pluto and head into the Kuiper Belt, and hoped that NASA might give them a mission extension to explore one. Hubble Space Telescope was used to search the volume of space the probe would fly through, and MU69 was found.

The encounter with this odd object is only a little over a year away, and the New Horizons team has decided to do something fun: They need a nickname for MU69, and they want your help.

Instagram is Loving Nature to Death

"Five years ago, Horseshoe Bend saw only a thousand visitors in a year. But this year, over 4,000 people a day have come to see the bend, take selfies at the rim, and dangle their feet over the exposed edge. All this traffic has put a lot of strain on the attraction, or at least its parking lot. So on November 6, construction began on new parking amenities and a platform at the canyon’s edge complete with railing and signs to safely handle all the new visitors. Once complete, the bend will be a perfect tourist attraction with great parking, water, and shade. But the wild beauty that brought so many here in the first place will be gone."

Tiny Desk Concert: Ani DiFranco

I adore Tiny Desk Concerts, and I ADORE Ani. So this isn't so much a "Reader" as a "Watcher" but IT'S MY WEBSITE, SO SHUT UP.