Weekly Reader, Interstellar Edition: January 14, 2018

NOVA: The Invisible Universe
This episode of NOVA—still one of the best shows on television—made me actually weep. The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most amazing—if not the most amazing—things humanity has ever done, and this look back at its history is deeply inspiring. Nancy Roman's face should be on money. Watch the whole episode at the link; the preview is below:

The Wayward Spawn of a Dead Star?
It didn't turn out that the first interstellar asteroid detected traveling through our solar system was an alien spacecraft, but 'Oumuamua still is revealing its secrets even as it zooms back out into the galaxy, never to be seen again. The science behind this newest hypothesis is a doozy, and as always, Phil Plait does an excellent job of explaining it. 

Ring In 2019 in the Kuiper Belt
Not really, of course, but this NASA preview of the next New Horizons flyby—of the Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69—has me excited to see humanity once again push the boundaries of exploration. Think about the engineering marvel this spacecraft is and the impossible needle it threaded to send us the first-ever up-close images of Pluto and be inspired.