Weekly Reader: January 7, 2018

"see what happens when u choose love"
It's a story all too common to our times: A troll calls a female celebrity a cunt on Twitter. But whereas most people would ignore something like that—most female celebrities get hundreds of these a day, I'm sure—Sarah Silverman engaged. This is how we get it done, folks. This is how we make the world better. This is how. 

True Believers
Even in the middle of Watergate, Nixon's supporters largely stood by him—until they didn't. In case you're thinking our current political moment is somehow entirely unique—every generation thinks they invented history, don't they?—this Slate podcast episode will set you right. I'm looking forward to next week's episode. (Though I do wonder how Watergate would've gone down if cable news and the internet had existed then).  

"Atlanta is a car town, not a cycling and transit town."
Whether or not you've spent any time in Atlanta, us urban dwellers who wish for more and better transportation options than driving can all relate to hearing some of these things. Every word of this could apply to Oklahoma City for sure—except the positive steps being taken to expand options (our city council seems to be perpetually under the impression that our city exists solely for cars, and we're all just lucky to get to be passengers). "Atlanta is only a “car town” in your mind, when you view the city through a windshield perspective."