They're People! Just Like Us!


Yesterday at the Oklahoma Today Editor's Blog, I wrote about my recent interview with Gary Busey. 

I talk about this a little bit in the entry, but I'm usually pretty slow to get excited when the possibility of interviewing a celebrity comes up. There's so much money wrapped up in celebrities—these days, each of them is a one-person industry personally supporting dozens of people and any number of products—that their handlers are incredibly cautious. Add to that the fact that any celebrity worth interviewing has requests coming out the ass, and the trouble is rarely worth the payoff.

Gary Busey was worth the interview, as I discuss at the link above. 

Last year, I interviewed several players from the Oklahoma City Thunder, and though each was fascinating—Russell Westbrook gave me the eye roll he seems to save only for the media! I was HONORED!—the best of them all was Enes Kanter. 

Anyone who's done any sort of journalism knows what a difference it makes when your subject is well and truly there with you. This is another reason I prefer interviewing the non-famous: They're almost always there with you. Celebrities do so many of these kinds of things—who can blame them if they zone out and sorta roll tape? Enes didn't. He looked me in the eye, spoke from the heart, and was a genuinely engaging human subject. He'll be my favorite Thunder player pretty much forever.

I'm not sure if you're aware what's been going on with Enes lately, but read up. The world is a messed up place, and sometimes, bad things happen to very good people. I'm absolutely sure Enes Kanter doesn't remember me, but I'm on his side big time.