Viewfinder: Fort Knoxious Gas

Couple things: 

1) I came up with a better name for my daily-ish photography posts, so now they're called "Viewfinder" instead of "Eye Level." Please excuse this bit of meta. 

2) I dedicated a whole post yesterday to my niece, so I wanted to include one more photo from her first birthday party—this one of her big brother, Knox, my nephew. I adore this kid, who'll turn four in February.

The day he was born, I locked myself in a bathroom off the hospital waiting room and bawled my eyes out—for the world he was coming into, for the passage of time, for my brother and sister-in-law, for all the people like my grandfather, Brian's brother, and my aunt Betty who'd never get to meet him, for myself and my (absolutely correct and spot-on but still occasionally difficult) decision to live a childless life. I cried for joy and sorrow and hunger and tiredness and hope and despair, because they were all turned up to a hundred in that instant. 

I love you, buddy. You make all our lives so infinitely better.