Weekly Reader: November 6, 2017

A quick primer (and I mean THE QUICKEST): Recently, in a weekend weakened state that had been altered by brown liquid libations of Kentuckian provenance (translation: I was drunk on bourbon), I scoured the Internet Archive for signs of my former blog. The emotional results are worth a longer post, but one thing I remembered I used to do was a weekly roundup of some of my favorite things from around the internet every week. I'll post this here every Monday morning and leave it in a sidebar all week long (it's Monday night as I type this, but there's no time like the now, is there?). Anyway, off we go.

The First Evidence for Exoplanets Came in 1917: Bad Astronomy
Imagine! In 1903, light left this star on its way to Earth. 14 years later it left a faint dot on a glass plate coated with emulsion and exposed to the sky. An astronomer saw it by accident, and then had another astronomer take a spectrum of it, painstakingly recording a streak of light fluctuating in brightness across another emulsion-covered glass plate. A notice was written and published, while the glass plate sat in a vault. It remained there for nearly a century while technology and physics passed it by, while humans retained their curiosity but applied more advanced tools to satisfy it.

Call for Entries: Spend a Night in the LEGO House: ArchDaily
What would I build if I had an infinite supply of LEGO bricks? Homeless housing, maybe? A STEM wing for every public school in the country? A topographically correct scale model of the Republic of Georgia? All good ideas, but no: I'd build a life-size reproduction of the overworld map in the original Legend of Zelda. And you'd be DYING to visit.

100 People Try Durian: Johnny Jet
This NSFW video was the highlight of my internet-watching day. What happens when 100 Americans who've never even heard of this fruit—which is so pungent it's not allowed on public transportation in some places—give it a sniff and then a taste for the first time? Fucking hilarity is what.