Weekly Reader: November 27, 2017

100,000 Stars

I found this three-dimensional local star map when I Googled—fittingly—"three-dimensional local star map," and it's entirely addicting. I step outside every night and look up at the stars. This gives me the chance to see where these stars are in relation to me and to each other, and if you zoom in on any specific star, it gives you some fantastic information about it. Try to line up the stars in Orion so they make the constellation perfectly. 

Coming Out to Your Doctor in Rural America

". . . a poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health finds that 18 percent of all LGBTQ Americans refrain from seeing a physician for fear of discrimination.

"One of those people is 20-year-old Alex Galvan. The moment right before he told his doctor earlier this year that he is gay and sexually active felt like a nightmare."

Why Open-Plan Offices Don't Work

Here's something to consider: In any open-plan office, do the higher-ups work in cubicles? Or do they have higher walls and even doors? This article at ArchDaily breaks down all the supposed arguments for open-plan offices beautifully.