Weekly Reader: November 20, 2017

Who Was Prince in Private?

Fascinating insights about the Purple One from his official photographer. "Prince was better at presenting his ideal image than most. Tellingly, the portraits over which Prince exerted the least control—those in which he is busy performing—are the least compelling and mysterious of the book."

Reimagining the Simpsons House

A better primer of varying architectural styles I'm not sure I've ever seen. After all, what's a more iconic dwelling than the house at 742 Evergreen Terrace? There are some houses in my neighborhood that look a whole lot like that Art Deco one.

"I Want This for George"

It seems many people are popping up with revisionism of the George W. Bush presidency, and given the backed-up toilet the White House has become in the last year, it's easy to do, I suppose. You won't catch me making an apologia for W., but this account of the relationship between the forty-first and forty-third presidents was gripping.